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Quotes Hi Carly, I just wanted to say that I am extremely pleased with the wonderful Job you did on Lucy-Lou our Maltipoo. She even seemed to enjoy it. Thank-You once again! I hope you don't mind that I am telling everyone I know how wonderful you are :) Sincerely, Connie Quotes

Quotes Carly, the groomer, is wonderful and my dogs, who really can be quite difficult at times, absolutely LOVE her. She does an amazing job and IN YOUR OWN HOME! Sophie and Cedric think she is their personal slave. Well...if the leash fits....! Quotes

Quotes Carly came to my home today and did an amazing job grooming my two multi-poos. After their last experience at the groomer that ended with emergency surgery for one dog I wasn't sure how they would do being groomed again. Carly did a great job with not only the finished groom but also with making my dogs feel very relaxed and at ease while being groomed. I would recommend Carly to anyone..........anytime. Quotes
Very Happy Customer